Zeidman Gets a Royal Flush of Endorsements

This afternoon, Sept. 13, the Re-Elect Scott Zeidman for Culver City School Board announced the endorsement of Karlo Silbiger. With Silbiger’s endorsement, Zeidman now has all four other Board of Education members’ full support and endorsement (Silbiger, Kathy Paspalis, Patricia Siever and Steve Gourley), as well as the full support and endorsement of all five City Council members (Mayor Mehaul O’Leary, Vice Mayor Scott Malsin, Andy Weissman, Chris Armenta and Jeff Cooper). Zeidman previously obtained the full support and endorsement of State Senator Curren Price and State Assemblyperson Holly Mitchell.

Zeidman effused, “It’s truly gratifying. I now have the full support and endorsement of each and every current Culver City elected official. These are the people that I have worked with over the past four years, who know how I work and what I get done. Honestly, there can be no better endorsement than the unanimous endorsement of those who know me, work with me, and want me to continue to be on the Board of Education.”

Zeidman is also endorsed by six former Culver City Board of Education Presidents, seven former Culver City Mayors, three dozen current and former appointed officials, and more than 450 others.

Information on Zeidman can be found at zeidman4ccusd.com.

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