PBS Arts Loves Steampunk

steampunk laptop - gotta love it!
steampunk laptop - gotta love it!

Available online starting today, PBS Arts continues its new interactive series, ‘Off Book’, with a short film dedicated to Steampunk art and the new and exciting directions it is taking.  Click www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6-AmXihFsU

Steampunk art evokes an alternate reality, based largely on the Victorian era, in which steam is still the primary source of power and all of our modern technologies therefore take on a very hand-crafted aesthetic. For years, Steampunk has been a creative lens through which artists and designers re-imagine modern gadgets and pop culture characters. This video from PBS Arts highlights not only the sculpture and design we’ve come to appreciate, but also Steampunk-influenced performances such as dances, musical pieces, theatrical productions, and even a haunted house installation.


The Actors' Gang

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