Laura Chardiet Fundraiser Fills Joxer Daly’s

Candidate Chardiet with supporter Marla Wolkowitz at Joxer Daly's fundraiser
Candidate Chardiet with supporter Marla Wolkowitz at Joxer Daly's fundraiser

The cool evening of August 20 was made even cooler by the crowd that filled up Joxer Daly’s Irish Pub to raise funds for Laura Chardiet’s run for the Culver City School Board. Alisha Martin, president of the El Marino PTA, was typical of the folks who turned out to show their support. “We are facing some really scary financial issues,” Martin noted, ” and we really need somebody who can look at those numbers and just deal.”

Noted C.P.A. Rich Hibbs was also there, another figure known in Culver City circles for dealing with numbers, and his support for Chardiet was simple. “I support Laura because she has proven experience in managing budgets, contracts, and grants for schools. I am looking forward to her being able to transfer what she has learned at LAUSD to CCUSD.”

When Chardiet got up to sing with the band, she did a version of Proud Mary that changed the chorus from “rollin’  down the river,”  to “runnin’ for the school board.” Her lyrics were a campaign fight song, belted out with sincerity. The live music raised the volume and the enthusiasm in the room, and showed that Chardiet is a woman of many talents.

While the school board campaign will be filing the next several months with fundraisers and forums, it’s clear the Chardiet has hit the ground running, and has every intention of holding on to her early lead.

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