Culver City Kids Scoop Vincente Fox Fundraiser by Michelle Mayans

Kids Scoop Reporter Navar with Vincente Fox
Kids Scoop Reporter Navar with Vincente Fox

On July 27th, Kid Scoop Media’s International Correspondent 11 year old Lizbeth Navar a student with Culver City Unified School District, landed an exclusive interview with the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox at Bubba Diego’s Cantina.

Fox rolled into town to attend the fundraising event to benefit the Vicente Fox Center of Studies Library and Museum which will be the first Presidential Library in Mexico.
Fox, who held the top office in Mexico from 2000-2006 promises, “It will be a center for the advancement of democracy,” with records, gifts and documents from his 6-years in office.

As the Mariachi’s serenaded the guests, Kid Scoop Media got straight to work. Not only did they get an exclusive with the world leader but they also presented him with a donation.

Navar and her other pint-sized news hounds sold off everything from barbies, clothes, shoes, CDs and backpacks to get donations for their latest Kid Scoop Media assignment. Navar states “ I wanted us to make a donation because this museum is important and will hopefully inspire many more in Mexico.”
Many in attendance were struck by the generosity of the children including Mr. Fox himself who said, “Oh, my thank you so much Senorita.” Navar told us later, “President Fox was very touched and he was very nice. Among the questions, Navar asked was what his favorite animal was and Fox replied, “Many, I like cows and turkey’s and horses, I have a lot of animals at my ranch in Mexico.” Navar asked him if who is favorite authors was and Fox replied, “ I really admire the work of Gabriel Garcia -Marquez.” Navar also asked him who his favorite people were that he met while he was President and Fox responded,  ”I met many incredible people, too many to name. I was very fortunate.”
Navar was born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents and was especially honored to have been chosen to conduct the interview. “My parents had always admired President Fox and I still can’t believe I actually spoke to him for like 15 minutes. It was so great to have my parents to experience this incredible night with me. Kid Scoop Media has given me an unbelievable experience.”

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