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It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Anyone that’s ever had guests over can attest to that. For some reason, no matter how large your house, everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen. But not all kitchens are created equal, and if yours is somewhat lack-luster, here are a few pointers to help you spruce it up.
On a Budget
• Install a new faucet: it’s truly amazing how the installation of a new faucet can completely change the look of your sink and help the workflow in this area of the kitchen. Available in just about any shape and size, with built-in soap dispensers, instant hot water taps, and offering a myriad of textures and finishes, faucets can be as individual as you are. For ease of use, look for a high goose-necked faucet with a detachable or hinged arm to really make cleaning up a breeze, while still looking stylish.
• Paint and tile to your heart’s content: many bold colors are making their way into the kitchen with classic white taking a back seat or being relegated to an accent color. Cobalt blue, orange, green, or red seem to be current favorites, and are often applied in paint techniques such as sponging or stenciling. Paint old, outdated cabinetry, as well as walls, to spruce up a dingy kitchen. Creative backsplashes in hand-painted, glass or bold color tile are also a quick and easy way to bring your kitchen into the modern world.
• Install under cabinet lighting: Redoing your kitchen’s overhead lighting can be a big job, but do you really need it? Most prep work is done on counters with cabinets over top. Have an electrician install under counter lights to brighten up your work areas, as well as provide a soothing ambiance once the main lighting is turned off. For the truly budget-conscious, an alternative is to buy “stick-on” LED lights than you can place under the counters yourself.
• Install pull-out baskets, drawers and organizers: Most kitchen stores now have the option to purchase baskets or drawers that can be installed in existing cabinetry. Perfect for deep pantries or pot and pan drawers, they aid in organization, and also allow you to quickly and easily get at the things at the back of deep shelves. Drawer organizers come in a number of different styles, finishes and materials, and can be configured to fit almost any sized drawer. They’re also really cheap, but make your drawers look like a professional organizer worked their magic!
• Replace your knobs and pulls: One of the cheapest and most striking ways to improve the look of old cabinets is to change out the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Go for a touch of whimsy, or simply create a sleek, modern look.
On a Little Bit More of a Budget
• Invest in new appliances: Old or worn out appliances may actually be costing you money by using more electricity than they should. Be good to the environment and replace old appliances with Energy Star certified appliances. Update your kitchen’s look with sleek stainless, classic white or black, or customized doors. If you’re looking to sell your home, including new appliances in the sales price is a great feature.
• Get a new counter: Nothing screams outdated like an old countertop. If you’ve got the money, changing out a countertop is a really good investment. There are so many materials to choose from in so many colors, you’re only limited by your imagination. CaesarStone, Corian, Silestone, granite, marble, tile, formica…the list goes on.
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