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Do you ever look through design magazines like House Beautiful and wonder how they make the rooms so appealing? What are the tricks of the trade? Without having to go to design college, and by using your few basic furniture pieces, it’s possible to achieve multiple designer looks by simply changing out your accessories.
Bringing in new accessories can transform a room. Color, texture, placement, and groupings all contribute to the look and feel of a space. Here are a few tips to help your rooms become designer chic.
• Add a rug – A rug is a great jumping off point for any room. Warm and cozy, rugs can break-up or delineate a space without the need for walls. They can either act as showpieces, or as the background for bold furniture.
• Throw some pillows – A quick and economical way to immediately change the feel of any room, pillows can be changed seasonally or for the holidays. It’s also a great way to experiment with color if you’re not quite sure about redecorating a whole room.
• Change it up – Don’t display all of your accessories at once. Putting out too many of the things you love will just look like clutter and reduce the impact of your special pieces. Try to only use a few statement pieces at a time, and change them out often to keep it fresh.
• Arrange for impact – Usually it helps to keep pieces of the same color and/or texture together. Placing objects of differing size in groups of three also helps draw the eye in and creates interest.
• Get artsy – Big, bold art pieces can stand on their own and define a room. Art doesn’t need to be expensive, it just has to be something you like to look at every day. Go to flea markets, galleries, or poster stores to find inexpensive pieces that speak to you. Invest in a nice frame and try it out on different walls to see where it makes the biggest impact.
• Dress it up – use your tables and larger pieces of furniture to display flowers, sculpture and fruit baskets. Buy new placemats and add a splash of color with napkins and interesting napkin rings. Candles are also economical pick-me-ups especially with the assortment of colors, smells and sizes now available.
So, take some time to hunt around for creative, easy and economical ways to refresh your décor. For more information about srpucing up your home, or to make a bigger change like relocating to the house of your dreams, visit us at, email [email protected], or call or text direct to 310-259-7419.

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