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Recently, the Culver City government announced two openings for Culver City residents on the LAX Area Advisory Committee. For most people in Culver City, these appointments are not of much interest, and are likely to pass by without much notice. The committee is actually considered under the purview of the city of Los Angeles, and is focused on a location not within Culver City boundaries. I’m taking the time to write to you to explain why you should care, both about what is happening at LAX, and what is happening with the committee itself.

The Committee: Seven communities are represented on the LAX Area Advisory Committee which was created in 1975 to cover the cities and neighborhoods most affected by operations, noise, construction, traffic and other issues at Los Angeles International Airport. Each community- Westchester, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Inglewood, Lennox, Hawthorne and El Segundo is given three positions on the committee. At the moment, Culver City is only represented by one person- myself. This means that our concerns are not as clearly voiced as they should be and it is something you can help to change.

Noise and Traffic: Although Culver City is not as adversely affected by flights taking off and landing at LAX as other cities, noise from diverted flights can still be a concern. The committee provides one of the best forums for talking with airport officials and the FAA about concerns. In addition, as the number of passengers going in and out of the airport increases as the economy recovers, the impact on traffic on Sepulveda Boulevard will definitely be felt by local residents. Plans are currently underway to build the Crenshaw Light Rail Line and to extend the Green Line into or next to LAX. Both of these have the chance to impact traffic in Culver City and the committee gets routine updates on both.

Airport Changes and the Bradley Expansion: The Bradley International Terminal is currently undergoing a massive transformation to make it competitive with other international airports by doubling its gates, expanding waiting areas, and actually adding significant shopping and restaurants beyond security. Being part of the committee gives you a chance to get regular updates on the progress, and to take part in the annual tour around the airport to actually see where changes are taking place. Other changes may potentially affect other terminals, parking structures and even the alignment of the runways.

The appointments are due to be made in early March. If you have any interest in them, please feel free to contact me or the City Clerk.

Kevin Klowden

Vice-Chair, Los Angeles International Airport Area Advisory Committee

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  1. I read Kevin Klowden’s article about the LAX Advisory committee and would like to contact him. Can you provide his email? Thanks.

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