String Project Los Angeles- June 27 at Ivy Substation

Looking for a listening experience? The Los Angeles String Project will be performing on Sunday, June 27, at the Ivy Substation from 3:30 to  4:30 p.m. in their Spring Concert featuring the music of Led Zepplin. Not your standard chamber quartet, this is one that music lovers should check into.

String Project Los Angeles believes each student is an artist. They strive to offer every student an innovative and inspiring experience, and to  connect students with their passion for music by encouraging young people to create and perform styles of music that they are interested in playing. Classes foster improvisational skills by having students play music they enjoy. We value and foster improvisational skills while encouraging teamwork and creative self-expression.

Come and check out the show. $10 for adults, free for students and kids.

The Actors' Gang

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