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Culver City was founded in 1917 by Harry Culver, who created a ‘live and work’ community for the newly-created film industry. It’s come full circle in the 21st Century by becoming a haven for tech businesses and a home for innovators. The old city motto “The Heart of Screenland” has been upgraded to the heart of ‘streamland’ where content creators are setting up headquarters.

Culver City has an outstanding school district with a focus on arts education, a thriving recreation scene with 12 parks, and a major public art program with dozens of murals, sculptures and installations throughout the city. The renowned restaurant scene has everything from the gourmet tasting menu at Vespertine to the old school favorite Tito’s Tacos. Bicycle culture thrives with designated bikes lanes and landscaped bike paths through the city, including the Ballona Creek bike path to the beach.

We have been covering all the best of Culver City since 2009, with city council and school district news along with theater and arts coverage, restaurant reviews at CC Foodie, and a spotlight on the good works from all the local service clubs. We have Elizabeth Moss reporting locally, and we are always looking to bring on fresh voices with a Culver City-centric focus.

Your comments are always welcome; just post under the article and we will clear it and publish it asap.  Letters to the Editor can be sent to [email protected] For publication, we need you to sign your real name, and please, no threats or obscene language. Letters to the Editor are not edited, so be as brief as you like or as detailed as you want; but do sign your real name.

We are Culver City’s only local daily news, and the prime source for news, events, politics, education and culture. We are here to serve the community, create connections, and have fun.

Judith Martin-Straw, publisher and editor of Culver City Crossroads has lived and worked in Culver City since 2001. Before moving to Culver City she lived in Venice Beach, and worked on the Venice Beachhead (America’s oldest underground newspaper) and has also contributed to the LA Weekly, and Random Lengths. She was the editor of the Culver City News in 2009. She is also a poet, and is included in the Beyond Baroque anthology Echo 681.

Pam Teplitz is the graphic designer and webmaster for the site, with decades of experience and a long list of credits. You can find her work on Teplitzart.com

Elizabeth Moss, investigative reporter and social media manager for Culver City Crossroads is a graduate of the Culver City High School and the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts; she knows this city from the sidewalks on up to the \spotlights. Moss is also a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, where she wrote for the Daily Californian. She is currently focused on covering COVID-19 stories.

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Judith Martin-Straw

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