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  1. I hear there is going to be a “snow day” at Veterans park this weekend on the 8th- but I don’t see any info on the city web site- does anyone know about it? What time etc?

  2. Hi Todd,
    Thanks for checking in with Culver City Crossroads. The Winter Wonderland event at Vets Park will be Saturday Jan.9 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 4117 Overland Ave. The Recreation office says that “tons of snow will transform the landscape into a wintery play area.” Free to all. For more info, call 310-253-6650.

  3. Dear Judith,
    I have been a resident of Culver City for 28 years. As a registered nurse, I am well aware of the “nursing shortage” issue. One of the problems is a lack of nursing schools and nursing educators. Wanting to make a difference, it is my dream to open a nursing school in Culver City.

    I found a property with sufficient space near Culver Center. Before signing the lease, I went to the City of Culver City to obtain a business license. I was informed by the planning department that I must apply for an Administrative Use Permit. This permit takes 6-8 weeks to complete and would look at the impact the school would make on the neighborhood. This permit comes at the astronomical price of $3,897.92. Even if the permit is declined, the city would keep my $3,897.92.

    I guess my question is, “How is a small business supposed to get started in Culver City?” I feel that my only solution is to look in another city. Any ideas?

  4. Hey I’m looking to move into the Culver area in the next month. Does any one know of a website that specializes in apartments in the Culver City area? If so the help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

  5. I’m the furthest thing from an alarmist, but the fact that there are historical cases where hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,”has contaminated community’s daily water supply to the point where they cannot even use the water that comes from their faucets. Imagine never being able to turn shower, kitchen tap, sprinkler system, garden hoses because of the toxic waste water/chemicals that would be released into one’s home, apartment, condo etc. Please explain how injecting large amounts of chemicals (up to 500 industrial lethal chemicals) into the ground would not harm the natural ecosystems, aquifers and additional water supplies? The pollutants used are unhealthy to the people, animals and environment? I’m curious if there are other concerned citizens who live around these oil fields. Heck, have not even discussed the fracking earthquakes. This is common knowledge and people are now beginning to openly discuss this vital issue.

    one day my daughter was flipping through the channels when we came across this interesting documentary on fracking in the state of Pennsylvania. I’m not here to promote it and won’t mention it by name, but it is worth a watch. It was also an Oscar-nominated film. Watch it and come to your own conclusion.

    I wish we can all live in an environment free of man made toxic chemicals.

  6. Go to the Culver City Website in the box at the lower right hand side of the page – Get in touch with City Housing – Tevis Barnes is the woman you want to email. She can tell you about th elottery and what other help is available.


    Evlynne here, shout out to you. I am a member of the committee on Homelessness for the City of Culver City. We need your help!

    The 2013 Homeless count is coming up and we need volunteers. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, January 30, 2013 from 6:00 PM -2:00 AM. Spread the word to yourorganization, friends, family and colleagues to join in.

    If you are interested in participating please contact me by private message at Culver City and I will get back to you. I have a blog in that publication as well.

    You must be 18 years old to volunteer with the Homeless count.

    We are also looking for donations of water and snacks for our volunteers. If you are a business owner and can help in that way please message me.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

    They count. The question is: Will you?

    2013 Culver City

    Homeless Count

  8. A little after 9 pm last night brought the ecstasy and the ecstasy to a few dozen “school fans” at the regularly scheduled meeting of the CCUSD School Board. The occasion reached after a brief recess were the public comment period just before the action item to vote on support for a ballot measure to issue a tax exempt bond on this June’s ballot.

    General recognition of the need for continuing capital improvement projects and backing a bond measure led speaker after speaker to center aisle. Laura Stuart threw her support behind a measure due to her grown kids’ attachment, and hope for grandkids to similarly enjoy the schools here.

    Mayor Jeff Cooper spoke to the good conscience of the business community, who he notes look for great schools for employees who want to put down roots in a community. City Councilman Jim Clarke echoed those sentiments and added that this can only enhance the vital economic activity seen by the millenials in downtown CC and environs.

    Several parents of elementary age students advocated for
    improving the physical environment to better realize academic gains. Booster club and PTA parents out in force noted all the hard work to bring this forward. Madeline Ehrlich expressed support, remarking how happy she is to see improvements already begun at El Rincon where the meeting was held, and that she and other “senior citizens” will support the measure. Todd Johnson, father of a high schooler and Environmental Sustainability Committee member gave kudoes to the staff, administration and board for their sustained and unflagging efforts to bring the process a master plan, numbers we can count and so meaningful community support.

  9. Culver City Senior Center gym room monitor, Jim Fimiani, has been fired after 8 good years. Why? Jim Famiani is an actual trainer and a true asset to the Senior gym. Fifty to one-hundred members have shown up at various Senior Center board meetings in support of Jim but numerous attempts to reverse the decision have been ignored.

  10. May I suggest that you change the comments section so that the newest comments are on the top, and the older ones are at the bottom?


  12. Excellent editorial on college counselors by Jamie Wallace! I hope her words are distributed far and wide. Parents and students need to be informed.

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