Mayor Tours Wellness Village with LA City Council Member Hernandez

Culver City Mayor Yasmine-Imani McMorrin  spent part of her Tuesday on May 21, 2024 with Los Angeles Council member Eunisses Hernandez, touring the Safe Sleep/Wellness Village site on Virginia Ave. “We were able to share the transformation [that] Culver City has had over the past  four-plus years, creating a new Housing and Human Services Department,  investing in a Project Homekey, and the motel master leasing program.”

The walk-through included conversation about how the city started to look towards helping, the many stages that programs had been through. McMorrin noted on social media, “Caring for our neighbors is a priority for me. Working regionally with Westside and Los Angeles colleagues, county level and state wide is the way to providing true supports and solutions to this regional housing crisis. Providing care and not a carceral approach should be the priority always.”

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