City Council Discussion of Parking Meters Adds Up to (Possible, Future) Small Change

Parking Meters

At the May 11, 2024 Culver City Council meeting, a lengthy discussion of changing parking meter fees ended with a unanimous decision to consider new rates, returning to the agenda in 90 days.

The proposal of increasing some of the city’s parking meters to one dollar per hour will now require city staff do “additional outreach” and return to City Council in three months with more information.

With the most recent update to the City’s parking being the new app that allows drivers to pay through their phones, this is in very limited use. Only 30 meters are part of this pilot program, an experiment focused more on process than on pay rates.

The discussion leaned into the need for employee parking, and how the downtown and arts district businesses would be impacted by changing the allowed length of time to park in one space. 

According to a press release from the city, “Monday’s proposal included changing rates for nearly 740 meters in industrial areas of the City, increasing them by 75 cents. There are currently more than 1,900 smart meters throughout Culver City that accept credit and debit cards. On average, those meters generate an average of $82,000 per month. The rate increase is estimated to generate an additional amount of approximately $100,000 per month.”

You can view the map of existing and future parking meters on the City’s website.

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang