Conversation on History, Love, and Change: Erpenbeck and Steinman @ The Wende

This Saturday, May 18, join us at the Wende Museum at 2:00 p.m. for a profound exploration of history, art, and love as celebrated German author Jenny Erpenbeck sits down with writer and curator Louise Steinman for an in-depth conversation, presented in partnership with Villa Aurora.

Erpenbeck, hailed as one of the most influential voices in contemporary German literature and a potential future Nobel laureate, will discuss her recent novel Kairos—a masterful narrative that intertwines personal and political ruptures in East Germany. Set against the backdrop of her own upbringing in the now-defunct German Democratic Republic, Erpenbeck’s work blends striking precision with historical depth. The haunting love story in Kairos mirrors the collapse of the GDR, revealing the poignant tumult in both historical and personal transformations.

Erpenbeck’s body of work continues to resonate with global audiences for its exploration of displacement and societal change, as exemplified in her acclaimed novels Go, Went, Gone and The End of Days, the latter winning the prestigious Hans Fallada Prize. James Wood of The New Yorker predicted that Erpenbeck is destined to win a Nobel Prize, citing her compassionate storytelling and unparalleled ability to illuminate the human condition amid historical upheaval.

Joining her in conversation is Louise Steinman, a literary curator and author whose works cover memory and reconciliation. Together, they will reveal the creative inspirations that fuel Erpenbeck’s literary journey and discuss the complexities of art, love, and history.

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to engage with one of the world’s most remarkable literary talents! 

The Wende Museum

10808 Culver Blvd. 

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