Culver City’s Mobile Crisis Team – Help is Here

What is a mental health crisis? The Mobile Crisis Team is designed to respond to non-emergency calls pertaining to mental health. Mental health crises include difficult and destabilizing situations such as depression, anxiety, grief, bullying, substance use, psychological or behavioral issues related to adolescent aging, and more. The MCT also facilitates relevant referrals to housing and homeless services.

The Mobile Crisis Team provides non-emergency mental health care and support to members of the Culver City community by responding to mental health crises and providing necessary support, referrals, and transport. You can reach the MCT to request a field response or for a consultation, by calling their direct line, (310) 253-5770.

All services are provided at no personal cost. The Mobile Crisis Team includes: Mental health specialists,
Clinicians and Case managers

To Connect with the Mobile Crisis Team, use the Direct Phone Line: (310) 253-5770
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM

You may also connect with the MCT by dialing 911 and selecting non-emergency.
The MCT provides care to individuals of all ages, and care is provided only to those that voluntarily request it, and are willing to receive it. Any action(s) that become a physical safety concern or life-threatening are beyond the MCT’s mission and services.

Please visit the City’s MCT website for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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