Dear Editor – Welcome Animal Services Officer Stanley

Dear Editor-
      On behalf of Friends of Culver City Animals and the residents of Culver City, we would like to welcome our new Animal Services Officer Natalie Stanley.

   Officer Stanley comes to Culver City with a wealth of animal-related experience after working in other jurisdictions. She has cared for numerous strays, lost, abandoned, and injured pets and wildlife throughout her career. Together with Animal Services Officer Dayton Shores, our residents and animals now have access to a variety of animal services seven days a week.

  Both Officer Stanley and Officer Shores can be reached at: 310-253-6143. The Culver City Coyote Hotline is: 310-253-6141.
   As Officer Stanley recently said: “It is my pleasure to serve the residents of Culver City”.

Deborah Weinrauch, Director
Friends of Culver City Animals

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