Screenland 5K Will See Torch Relay Promoting Olympic Spirit

It’s the race before the race in the Screenland 5K.

Watch local celebs jog in the Torch Relay at Ivy Station to promote the Olympic ideals of peace and friendship, Saturday, at 9:00, and then duke it out in the Celebrity Trike Race at 9:15 pm. Subterranean parking is free at the Health and Fitness Expo.

Some 2,700 guests from around the nation and three countries have registered for the Oscar Sunday race, 9:20 a.m., at Ivy Station, 8840 National Bl. Culver City.

“I’ve been working on balancing my Wizard’s cap while jogging with a lit torch,” said Culver City Arts Foundation President Jim Clarke, who will be among about 15 local dignitaries, medalists, and other heroes in one or both Saturday events before following the yellow brick road into motion picture magic on Sunday at 9:20 a.m. Clarke was Wizard of Oz and Culver City Mayor in the inaugural Screenland 5K in 2017 during the city’s Centennial celebration.

This year’s event observes the centennials of MGM, The Culver Hotel and other cinematic landmarks, along with the local Job’s Daughters chapter. Its former president, Sandy Checel, beloved Linwood Howe teacher and distance walker medalist, will be featured in the Torch Relay with Jaqi Hansen, Boston Marathon and Culver City’s Western Hemisphere Marathon champion, and a groundbreaking advocate for women’s long distance running.

In celebration of National Women’s and Black History Months, the first female of color to serve on the City Council, Glinda the Good Witch Yasmine-Imani McMorrin, will perform in the opening act, sprinkle pixie dust on Screenland 5K guests and start the race. She will be honored after the race by her undergraduate college as a “Powerful Pioneer.”

Facing the added challenge of awakening before sunrise after losing an hour of sleep because of daylight savings time, Scout troops 15 and 50 will be lining the course with about 200 pieces of art, standees, banners, posters, stages, and other props long before opening ceremonies at 8:45 a.m.

As the Scouts complete their work, youngsters will hop on their bikes and “crash” the car-free Screenland 5k course with the Walk ‘n Rollers team, starting at 7:45 a.m.

“Our trained instructors will guide the kids safely through the course and back in plenty of time for the opening ceremonies and the adult race,” said Munchkin Dash and Celebrity Trike Race Coordinator Jim Shanman.

It’s been a hectic last few weeks for graphic artist Karim Sahli and event Creative Director Lori Escalera, scrambling to produce the Screenland 5K event program, which highlights the 100 points of Culver City filmlore, and other event components to promise extraordinary experiences for guests, vendors, sponsors and volunteers.

Culver City Council PTA, which supports Backpacks for Kids, will be the greatest beneficiary of race proceeds among the dozen non-profits. The El Marino Dolphins lead team registrations, followed by Lin Howe Sea Dragons, El Rincon Rockets, Middle School Panthers, La Ballona Lions, and Farragut Foxes in close competition.

Screenland 5K training session walkers and runners have been “doing the steps” the past few months and are ready to go, said workout coach David Winslow.

“As a flat, fun, and family-oriented hometown event around the studios, the Screenland 5K is an easy entry to an active lifestyle,” said Winslow.

Screenland 5K partners include Culver City Rotary Foundation, Design Etcetera, Ting, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ivy Station, City of Culver City, Midwest Roofing, Culver City Arts Foundation, The Shay, West Basin Municipal Water District, Cavanaugh Realtors, Hillside Memorial Park, KP9 Interactive, Sprouts Farmer’s Market, Culver City Toyota, Alliance CrossFit, Sorrento Italian Market, Jackson Market, Marina Martial Arts, Culver City News and Staples on National, Skywell, Cyclebar and AT&T Business .

Runners and walkers will follow the yellow brick road into 100 years of motion picture magic in the Heart of Screenland. They will retrace the steps of fabled stars & directors in 100 iconic scenes filmed across their journey along legendary studios.

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