Early Election Returns – Pretty Easy for Measure E

Every responsible media entity in California will be emphasizing that these are early returns; we still have many votes to be counted, and we are a long way from finalizing and certifying the election. But the early returns are often the path forward, and frequently foreshadow the final results. 

Measure E, the school bond on the ballot looks to have a wide lead toward success; YES is currently tallied at 58.79%, with 3,561 votes, and NO is showing 41.21% with 2, 496 votes. An almost one thousand vote lead will be hard to overtake, so Measure E is expected to pass with some ease. 

Assembly member Isaac Bryan is sitting on a winning 80.61% of the vote, with 36,068 ballots in his favor.

In District 36 (also reaching in Culver City) Congressman Ted Lieu is holding a very comfortable lead of 64.64%, promising that his victory is secure. In District 37 (most of Culver City)  Congresswoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove is holding 70.19% of the ballots, also a guaranteed win. 

In the Senatorial race, Adam Schiff is leading Steve Garvey with 36.69% to 27.17% respectively. 

President Joesph Biden has more than 84% of the vote for the Democratic Nomination. 

In Los Angeles, Measure HLA is showing a large, early lead with 62.73% of the vote. 

Judith Martin-Straw



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