CCEF Adds Sandy Segal Youth Health Center to Fundraising Umbrella

At the Culver City Unified School Board Meeting, the Friends of the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center donated the remainder of their funding to the Culver City Education Foundation, who will now take on the fundraising function for the health care clinic that has been a landmark on campus for decades. 

School Board President Dr. Kelly Kent “Sandy Segal Youth Health Center has been doing a stellar job of serving our students for decades, and I’m so grateful to the CCEF for taking this on. We need to ensure that our children can ask for and get the support that they need.” 

Since it’s inception in 1990, the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center has been a hub, right on the campus of the  Culver City Middle School next to the the high school, with both populations of students and their families able to access both physical and mental health resources. 

When the original board of the Friends of the Sandy Segal Youth Health Center was looking to pass the fundraising work on to more youthful volunteers, it was time to consider what a local organization with a muscular fundraising arm might be able to provide. 

The Culver City Education Foundation stepped up, and the relationship was formalized at the school board meeting on Feb. 27, 2024. The Venice Family Clinic will continue to administer care, but the CCEF will take over the financial responsibilities. 

Middle school and high school students can get help with bodies and brains, and privately take care of challenges that could be overwhelming if they had to wait for someone else to notice the issue or make the appointment. 

So, thanks to the CCEF, the Health Center will remain open for those who need support, and our unique local treasure will continue to bridge the needs of our students. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang