CCHS Mental Health Offers Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation can be a ticket to lower stress levels, healthier perceptions and more. The CCHS Mental Health Action Committee is offering the community a chance to try it out for free on Thursday, Feb.22, 2024 at  7 pm online. It’s an opportunity to look at a practice that continues to grow in popularity and shows many beneficial effects. 

Clinical studies have documented both physical- and mental-health benefits of mindfulness in different patient categories as well as in healthy adults and children. 

Though definitions and techniques of mindfulness are wide-ranging, the practice is very simple. It can create a sensation of having a quiet mind – and it’s a feeling you can learn how to create for yourself on a regular basis.

Share the gift of Mindfulness with this free workshop. Brought to you by the Culver City High School Mental Health Action Committee. Register here: /…/tZMocOqvrjgjHtCjguNZKhUpt6TcG.

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