Culver City, Los Angeles Fire Departments Respond to Early Morning House Fire

On Feb 13, 2024 at approximately 6:15 am, both the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Culver City Fire Departments responded to a structure fire at 4918 Sycamore Dr. near Lucerne Ave.

After the 40 minute battle to put extinguish the flames, a search through the property found a middle-aged woman with serve burns, who was transported to a hospital. Firefighters also found the remains of another person, discovered under a section of collapsed roof; age and gender unknown. 

More than 35 firefighters from both CCFD and LAFD were involved. The house was presumed to be vacant, as it was ‘red-tagged’ as unsafe to inhabit according to signs found on the property when the fire units arrived.  

Fire officials have declared the building a knockdown, and the remains of the house will be demolished.

Photo courtesy KTLA News


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