Dear Editor – Softball Association Calls Foul on Park Redesign Plans

I am the Deputy Commissioner of the Culver City Senior Softball Association. We play our games on Sunday mornings on the two fields at Veteran’s Park and play at BIll Botts Field for the six weeks after Fiesta La Ballona. Our league has been playing softball there since 1978. We have about 100 members, both men and women.

We are very unhappy with the current proposal for the renovation of Veterans Park and Bill Botts Field. They want to install four Little League fields at Bill Botts and no softball fields at Veterans Park. The Little League fields are not large enough for us. We were at the earlier meeting regarding this renovation and had our input noted.

We are very disappointed that our league will not have a field for our games. It is hard to believe Culver City would not provide a place for their seniors to play softball. They are also excluding Major League Softball which has almost 1000 members and they also use these fields in the evenings. I hope that making this public would have a positive impact on Culver City in its planning for this renovation. 

Robert Kurtz

The Actors' Gang