Mayor McMorrin Announces Priorities for Expanding Community Resources

Culver City Mayor Yasmine-Imani McMorrin announced a series of priorities set to focus on the future of Culver City. This 2024 set of pillars will be aimed at providing necessary resources to individuals and families, prioritizing housing and care first approaches as tools to address homelessness, and building up and revitalizing small businesses.

“Today, I’m announcing a series of proposals designed to re-double our efforts to continue to make our city a place for individuals, families, businesses, and those who come to live, work, learn, play and enjoy everything Culver City has to offer. These three pillars will help guide us this year as we do the work we were elected to deliver for our communities. By expanding resources, finding ways to revitalize our small businesses, and creating new innovative programs, we can ensure that we are investing in our city’s future. I look forward to working with my colleagues and city staff on finding common ground on these priorities this session.”

Mayor McMorrin’s 2024 City Priorities


Develop a 2024 Culver City General Plan and updated Housing Element.

Establish a training and local employment program, partnering with community based organizations and business.

Evaluate, support and expand the investments made into the department of Housing and Human Services department and Mobile Crisis Unit.

Invest in the current Project Homekey Site and explore and identify new opportunities for affordable housing and wrap around supports in our community.


Create a new Ambassador Program to share community resources, create opportunities for positive touch points, and establish better relationships between the city and our community.

Establish the first-ever Culver City Women and Girls Commission.

Provide new opportunities for community input on the City’s Budget process.

Work with city staff to develop more opportunities for state and federal grants to support city services.

Re-launch the Culver City Interfaith Council with representatives from the local faith community.

Invest in all Culver City Parks to provide meaningful recreational activities for residents and visitors.

Invest in and fully launch the Anti-Hate Speaker Series: a community resource that would provide education and training to combate Anti-LGBTQ hate, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Blackness, Islamophobia, and support gun safety, promote mental health support and provide suicide awareness.


Expand the Culver City Sustainability Business Certification Program.

Develop a plan to expand transit routes to encourage patronage of our Culver City businesses.

Develop a plan for upcoming major events, including the World Cup and Olympics, and find opportunities to bring more events and conventions to Culver City.

Support the revitalization of the Culver City business community, including highlighting small businesses, developing programming like Culver City Restaurant Week, and putting residents back to work.

Mayor McMorrin was elected in November 2020, joining the ranks of five previously elected women to Culver City Council since 1917. In December 2023, she became the first Black woman Mayor in the city’s 106-year history. She ran on a bold, progressive platform focused on community, inclusiveness, and equity in all areas of Culver City governance.

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