Dear Editor – 6,876 Reasons To Vote Yes

Dear Editor, 

There are 6,876 reasons to VOTE YES on Measure E. Here are 7 of them.

Measure E is NEEDED. Our schools are cornerstones of our community, but they are in need of facility updates. Most date back to the 1950s and haven’t had significant renovations in decades. Crumbling ceilings and foundations, leaky roofs and old wiring must be fixed. We can’t count on the State government to fix the problems. Why can’t the State government fix this? Proposition 13 was passed by California voters in 1978, its cap on property taxes significantly stemmed the flow of revenues to the state, reducing funding for schools and other community services. Older and longer-tenured homeowners enjoy the lowest property tax rates in California; they effectively receive the largest property tax subsidies. The homeowners who enjoy the largest tax subsidies also tend to own higher-value homes. In higher-cost areas like Culver City, there are significant disparities in tax rates by home value. Higher-income households, white homeowners, and seniors enjoy the largest subsidies since they tend to own higher-value homes and/or have lived in their homes longest. Until 1978 property taxes furnished about two-thirds of education’s revenues. Proposition 13 caused a nearly exact flip-flop when the Legislature bailed out school districts with state funds.

Our Children Deserve BETTER. If we want our kids to succeed they need modern classrooms, science labs, instructional technology, and libraries.

Protections are REQUIRED. The measure includes strict fiscal accountability protections including an independent citizen oversight committee and public reports of all spending. This committee so far has 12 members appointed, including me.

Every Dollar Stays HERE. All funds remain under local control and may only be used to modernize our aging schools

Protects Quality EDUCATION. REPAIRING/REPLACING roofs, ceiling tiles, wiring, plumbing and drainage; UPDATING science labs, libraries, and instructional technology;

IMPROVING fire safety, emergency communications, and school security; MODERNIZING aging neighborhood schools.

Community Input is WELCOMED! The existing plan is not set in stone. The district is seeking community input on school priorities.

Future BOARD Will Implement. There are two school board seats that are up for reelection in November 2024. If you disagree with current leadership, you will be happy to learn the new board will be the one overseeing the implementation of the funds resulting from Measure E.

Please join me in voting yes on Measure E, endorse the measure and get a lawn sign

Nancy Barba
Parent of an El Marino Language School student

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