Council Votes in Favor of Permit Fees for ‘Sidewalk Businesses’

At the Culver City Council Meeting on Jan. 22, 2024, the council adopted a resolution establishing sidewalk business permit fees in a 4 to 1 vote, with Council member Goran Eriksson being the sole ‘no’ vote.

Examples of sidewalk businesses include vendors selling fresh cut fruit, water, or bagged snacks. Staff recommended several options and recommended a proposed permit fee of $150, reflecting the average permit fee of those in several other communities recently surveyed.

Mayor Yasmine Imani McMorrin stated “I’m in support of people having the least barriers to [doing business.]” While the Mayor tried to persuade the council to keep the fees as frugal as possible, she, along with the majority, voted to support the motion for permits, business license tax and an annual renewal. 

The full suite of fees and taxes on small sidewalk vendors will include a flat business license tax of $120, an annual license application fee of $77 for new applications or $67 for renewal applications, and $4 State mandated Certified Access Specialist fee.

Sidewalk vendors are also required to obtain adequate insurance as determined by the City to protect the City from liability associated with the sidewalk vendor’s activities.

The currently recommended insurance limits for the sidewalk vending program are $1 million for each occurrence or $2 million in the aggregate while naming the City as an additional insured. An average insurance policy with the recommended limits could cost the microenterprises in the range of $660 to $2,500 annually.


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