Culver City Community Scholarship Fund – Apply Now

The Culver City Community Scholarship Fund was created in 1962, when six scholarships were awarded totaling $1,300. In 2022-23, more than 160 students received scholarships totaling $212,500!

Graduating seniors from both Culver City High School and Culver Park High School qualify as long as they continue their education. Donors include individuals, civic organizations, school organizations, and businesses, and there are a wide range of criteria for these scholarships. Scholarships are not based on GPA or parent’s income, and scholarship money can be used for anything pertaining to a student’s continued education, including books, a computer, or flights to an out-of-state school.

There are usually only 250 applicants, so chances of getting a scholarship are good!
Applications are open now and are due by February 7, 2024.

Visit – click on the apply tab to watch an instructional video on how to apply, and then click the APPLY button!

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