The Willows to Host Thompson – “The Pressured Child”

Michael Thompson, Ph.D., internationally acclaimed psychologist, speaker, consultant, and New York Times bestselling author will speak atThe Willows Community School on Jan.22, 2024, on his book “The Pressured Child.” Event will begin at 7 pm. 

Are you gripped by worries and misapprehensions about your child’s life in school? This talk is, in fact, for “pressured parents.” Dr. Thompson will describe the psychological journey that children experience during their school years. He will remind parents what school is actually like and that students are always searching for 3 things: connection, recognition, and a sense of power. Each child’s journey has its different pressures. Dr. Thompson will help parents develop strategies for both parent and child to cope with the pressures they face.

The Willows is committed to a balanced yet demanding progressive curriculum rooted in experiential learning and social values. We teach and model a zest for learning and the courage to take risks. We challenge children to challenge themselves and set high standards for academic excellence, which they pursue with energy and joy. 

Events are open to the public. 

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