Vandals Take Bronze Plaques from Vets Memorial Building

Some things go unnoticed, until it’s noticed they are gone. 

Late in October of 2023, vandals removed most of the bronze plaques from the front of the building at the Vets Memorial Building at the corner of Culver and Overland Boulevards. An additional plaque was reported as stolen on Nov. 1, 2023. Many of the plaques date to the original dedication of the building, including the dedication piece itself from the concrete monument facing out to Overland. 

While one plaque was left in damaged condition, that was removed several days later by Culver City’s Public Works Department, as it was in a precarious position and could have injured someone unaware that it was out of its usual place. 

Bronze, which is currently selling for up to $2.60 a pound as scrap metal, is one of the metals that are vulnerable in public places. Copper wire and copper tubing also sell for up to $3.00 a pound as scrap, and are frequently targeted by vandals.

Judith Martin-Straw



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