AIA Award for Net Zero Build Sets Example for Carbon Neutral Housing

“We can do so much to reduce the carbon, to make out cities livable on a long term basis.” What architect Allison Kendall and her firm did with a tear-down in the Culver City Arts District won an award, but it also set a great example of how to create more housing and keep it green.  

The project was approved by the Culver City Planning Commission and Council in early 2019, the building permit issued in September 2019, and passed the Final Inspection in late 2022. Solar Panels were installed in 2022 and are offsetting the entire energy consumption of the rear unit. 

Both units are all electric, and comply with the current 2022 codes which promote eliminating fossil fuels and installing efficient electrical appliances such as Heat Pump HVAC for heating and cooling, Electric Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters, and Induction Cooktops.  

Kendall offered “for anyone looking to convert their home to an all electric, Net Zero house, go to or visit”


Photo from left to right, Gisele Nova, Mila Sergeeva, Alison Kendall and Kati Mogyorosi

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