Lucas Named as CCUSD Superintendent – Final Board Approval Dec. 12

After conducting a nationwide search and receiving extensive input from district employees and the community, the Culver City Unified School District Board of Education is honored and excited to announce the unanimous decision to appoint Brian Lucas, Ed.D., as the finalist for the position of CCUSD Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Lucas was chosen from a pool of 25 applicants recruited by Leadership Associates that included superintendents, deputy and associate superintendents, assistant superintendents, directors, coordinators and principals. The Culver City Board of Education is expected to approve an employment offer and contract at its regularly scheduled Board meeting on December 12, 2023.

Dr. Lucas currently serves as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources in the Lynwood Unified School District. Prior to this role he served for several years as Manhattan Beach Unified School District Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. Prior to that, he served in various support capacities in the Los Angeles Unified School District, including coordinator of student information systems, director of teacher evaluation and development, and instructional director.

Dr. Lucas began his teaching career in 1991 as an elementary school teacher in the Inglewood Unified School District. He then embarked on his administrative career, serving 10 years as an elementary school principal in Inglewood, CA; Seattle, WA; and Los Angeles. He is particularly proud that his schools achieved recognition and awards for quickly advancing, beating all state academic goals, and closing achievement gaps. One example is while Dr. Lucas was principal at Seattle Public Schools’ Beacon Hill Elementary, the school earned “most improved test scores” in 2001. Another is being recognized by the teacher’s union as an LAUSD Principal of the Year while at Aurora Elementary School, due to surpassing the state achievement goal by 35 points and avoiding state sanctions.

Another highlight of Dr. Lucas’s career is when he expanded into secondary education, supervising a group of high schools on the east side of Los Angeles and providing instructional support to teachers and principals.

Dr. Lucas has his bachelor of arts degree in Communication Studies from University of Southern California (USC); his master’s in educational administration from California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA), and a doctorate in educational leadership for Social Justice from Loyola Marymount University (LMU).

Culver City Unified School District School Board President Paula Amezola said, “I look forward to working with Dr. Lucas. He is clearly the leader that we want to take the District to the next level. His personal and professional attributes absolutely match what we are looking for. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Brian Lucas as he steps into his new role as superintendent. His leadership and commitment to our students, staff, and community will undoubtedly continue the Culver City Unified School District’s mission of providing a world-class education to all students.”

Dr. Lucas said, “I am deeply honored and excited to be selected as the finalist for Culver City Unified School District superintendent. As an educator who has dedicated the last 25 years to supporting the growth and success of our young learners, exceptional staff and wonderful families, I am proud to serve in a new leadership capacity as a member of this esteemed community. In collaboration with our dedicated staff, families and the broader community, I am committed to fostering academic excellence, upgrading school classrooms and buildings, and implementing innovative instructional approaches to ensure the success of every student. This is a responsibility I hold close to my heart, and I look forward to leading with integrity, empathy, kindness, and dedication to the students of my new school community while building upon the District’s achievements together.”

School board member Triston Ezidore offered “Dr. Lucas is the principled, visionary leader to meet this moment. His background in Human Resources and commitment to social justice coupled with 25 years of supporting the growth and success of young leaders has prepared him to tackle the issues of care, concern, and consequence of the students in Culver City Unified School District. Under his leadership we will be able to actualize the potential for transformative education policies, together.”

Dr. Lucas’s intended start date is January 16, 2024. Current CCUSD Interim Superintendent Dr. Maria Martinez-Poulin will remain at the District until January 31, 2024.

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