Our Culver Gathers Community for Inspiration

The picnic area at Lindberg Park on Sunday Nov. 12, 2023 was filled with neighbors, friends, children, and enthusiasm as Sebastian Hernandez took the microphone to introduce a new organization; Our Culver, he offered “is about working together to strengthen the idea that Culver City is for everyone.” 

The low key afternoon party offered tacos and horchata, kick-ball and conversation, and gave many a chance to talk with people they might have met onscreen, but not in real life. Representatives from Vote16, Culver 878, and the Culver City Democratic Club all took to the microphone to talk about their goals, about getting connected and why it was important to network. 

President Jeff Schwartz of the Culver City Democratic Club noted the content available online through CCDC, and reminded the crowd that there was a wealth of information available from the club. “We have video interviews with just about every important Democratic official in the state. These folks might be running [for reelection] this coming year, and you can find out where they stand on the issues that are important to you.”   

Representatives from Vote16 offered their determination to get back on the ballot with a proposal to allow people 16 and 17 years old to vote in municipal elections. “We need signatures, and we need your help to get them.” Applause from the crowd showed this idea had a lot of support.

A few members of Culver 878 graciously noted that their non-partisan, single issue focus had helped them to achieve some important local goals, reinforcing regulations, and supporting the city’s purchase of the Retting Gun Store. 

Giving everyone a chance to get introduced, Hernandez reinforced that community was crucial; “We all need to know who we can ask, who we can talk to, and who can help out.” 

The group Our Culver is still in formative stages, but is looking towards becoming a non-profit organization. 

Judith Martin-Straw



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