Ordinance Passed Permitting Sidewalk Vending

While it’s been rare to see vendors on local sidewalks, it’s becoming more common; rolling ice cream carts, sliced fruit stalls, and the occasional agua fresca vendor are being seen more often around town. 

The City Council approved an ordinance regulating sidewalk vending at it’s last meeting on October 23, 2023. Vendors will need to file a written application for a sidewalk vendor permit.

The municipal goal is to streamline the permitting process, although a County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health Permit and a valid California Department of Tax and Fee Administration permit will be required.

Fines are included in the ordinance for violations, but staff said the Code Enforcement team will lead with education first, before issuing citations.

That opens up the possibilities for more small business, and more casual social connections – and what’s not to like about more agua fresca?  


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