Council to Consider Digital Advertising Kiosks

The agenda for next Monday’s council meeting on Oct. 23, 2023 includes a consideration of installing digital advertising kiosks to be installed on city sidewalks. 

IKE Smart City, the company that is being considered for the contract, has information included that showcases “Free standing interactive kiosk[s] that promotes public communication, wayfinding, real-time mobility options/transit schedules, air quality, public art and local destination directory. Requires power via electrical conduit and operates in engaged and passive modes. Operates on a cellular system and provides nearby Wi-Fi hotspot. ADA compliant, with accommodations for the blind and low vision user, with 12- multi language interface. Ability to highlight analytics on dwell time and pedestrian travel and engage in community polling. No fee installation, however, revenue is shared between IKE and City.”

While this would be a direct challenge to the current laws for municipal signage, the city has quietly pushed this idea forward with low-key meetings and discussions over the last few weeks. 

If Agenda Item A-6 draws significant comment, it could be a factor in whether or not the city installs digital sidewalk advertising. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang