Newsom Signs AB 1096 – More Languages, Less Requirements for Community College Courses

The Los Angeles Community College District thanks Governor Gavin Newsom for signing AB 1096 (Mike Fong). AB 1096 authorizes community colleges to offer courses taught in languages other than English without requiring students to concurrently enroll in English as a Second Language courses.

Previously, students wishing to pursue coursework taught in different languages—both for credit and noncredit— were required to take an ESL class concurrently, often straining resources and adding an extra hurdle to completing their studies or career advancement in a timely basis.

Students can still take both courses together if they choose, but it will no longer be required. By removing this requirement, prospective students will see immediate benefits, including not just monolingual students looking to enhance or advance their education but also students who already hold degrees or certifications from other countries and want to advance their careers, as well as English-speaking students who wish to improve their technical skills in their native language.

Juliet Hidalgo

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