Guests ‘Walk and Roll’ to Screenland 5K Discounts

For an Oscar Sunday race that involves walking and rolling, the Screenland 5K will offer a 25% sign-up discount at its info booth, Saturday, Oct. 14, 11 am – 6 pm, at the East Culver City Art Walk and Roll Festival.

Runners and walkers in the race will follow the yellow brick road into 100 years of motion picture magic in the Heart of Screenland, where “Hollywood” movies are made. They will retrace the steps of fabled stars & directors in 100 iconic scenes filmed across their journey along legendary studios in celebration of the centennials of MGM & Culver Hotel. Guests will move through movie magic, visiting exotic places in adventures that could take them into outer space or under the sea, and into a springtime of surprises.

Inaugurated to celebrate Culver City’s Centennial, the eighth annual race, co-sponsored by the City of Culver City, Ting, Shay Hotel and Sony Pictures Entertainment, will start down the street a few blocks west from the Festival on Mar. 10, 2024 at Ivy Station and continue west through downtown Culver City passing current and bygone studio backlots.

Entrants will don an official shirt, bib, and finisher’s medal, and enjoy attractions, live entertainment and Oscar party munchies.

Local schools, businesses, agencies and Olympians also will participate, raising funds for Culver City Council PTA, Backpacks for Kids and more local non-profits, embracing the city’s commitment to sound minds and bodies.

Learn more about Screenland 5K attractions and entertainment, including the Munchkin Dash, Celebrity Charity Trike Race, Torch Relay, Health and Fitness Expo, Play Streets, 100 points of movie lore, firefighters madcap ride, free training sessions, screen characters, volunteer and partnership opportunities and the largest 100th birthday cake in town, at

Mike Cohen

MUNCHKINS DASH–Kids get off to a good start in the Munchkin Dash, which follows the Screenland 5K    Photo by DAN KIM

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