General Plan Update – Open House Offers Space for Community Comments

On Oct. 4, 2023, the Pataccia Room at City Hall was site of the first Open House for the General Plan Update; Picture Culver City 2045. The process of updating the city’s basic standards was long overdue when it started – the city had not updated since the 1996 – but is now closing in on the home stretch of community outreach and comments before finalizing.

The evening was introduced by Mark Muenzer, Planning and Development Director for the city. After thanking the residents in attendance for their interest, he spoke about the process. “The word I want to emphasize is ‘complex’ – this has been and continues to be a complex process.” With posters on display all over the room, and consultants ready to answer questions, attendees were encouraged to look into the ideas being planned.

While the General Plan Update includes categories such as mobility, land use, infrastructure and economic development, there are also areas that might seem less obvious such as environmental justice, culture and the arts. 

The Plan reaches slightly outside of city limits, into a legal area known as the ‘Sphere of Influence.’  The Planning Area covers about 3,910 acres, of which about 3,280 acres (84%) are within city limits, and about 630 acres (16%) are in unincorporated Los Angeles County.

The city that is being planned for the future looks to be greener, more multi-story and multi-model. In a word – complex. 

There will be several more ‘open house’ opportunities where people can add comments, and a virtual one planned as well for those who cannot attend in person. 

The comment period will end on November 30, 2023.

To access the General Plan Update online, go to

If you have any questions about the Public Draft General Plan, please feel to contact the Advance Planning Division by writing [email protected].

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang