Council Supports Measure BL – No Increase on Business Tax Penalties

The City Council meeting of Sept.18, 2023 saw unanimous agreement to keep the current penalty rate for nonpayment of the City’s business tax.

After the passage of Measure BL in the 2022 election, businesses with less than $200,000 in annual gross receipts are exempt from the city’s business license tax. Most of the commercial operations based in Culver City qualify as ‘small businesses.’ This has been identified by the city as making approximately 60% of Culver City businesses exempt from business license taxes.

All businesses operating in the city, even if headquartered elsewhere, must file a renewal form each year to receive a business tax certificate. The current penalty rate for nonpayment of business license tax and fees is assessed at 20% in the first month, which increases to 100% after five months.

There is no interest accrued on the unpaid tax and fees.

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