Vietnamese American New Wave @ Wende Museum

During the 1980s, a generation of Vietnamese refugees finding their footing in the complex cultural landscape of America built a creative community around new wave music.

This Saturday, September 23, from 12—5 p.m., the Wende Museum will be hosting a celebration of this vibrant but little known scene: New Wave: A Rising Tide, presented in collaboration with NEW WAVE and AZNAMERICANA.

Highlights include a hands-on zine workshop, where you can discover the accessible DIY art of zine-making, and panels diving deep into the impact of the underground 1980s Vietnamese immigrant new wave scene and exploring the artistry and storytelling of the next generation of Vietnamese American creatives.

This will be an enriching afternoon of community, storytelling, and artistic exploration, and it is almost full, so please RSVP while you still can! Go to

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