Dear Editor – Focusing MOVE as Pilot Project


Stephen Jones, in his September 12 letter to the editor, continues making veiled threats based upon flimsy legal reasoning. His assertion that the city is risking litigation over changes to the MOVE pilot project are unfounded and not supported by law. Furthermore, the logic that Mr. Jones uses will harm, rather than help, cities like Culver City make changes to respond to climate change and traffic. After all, what jurisdiction is going to try a pilot project if there is a threat of litigation should the project need adjustment?

It is important to remember that the project was instituted as a pilot—none of the project’s infrastructure was intended to be permanent. That was done at the outset of the project and was vetted by Culver City’s legal team, as are the changes being instituted.

I am not going to relitigate the facts here. They are in the public record. What I will say is that Mr. Jones, and several people who oppose changing MOVE, have failed to listen to the community, instead seeking to impose their will on the city. It is important to note that community dislike of the MOVE project as originally implemented was one of the main reasons that Alex Fisch is no longer on the City Council. The voters spoke, and changes to MOVE won the day.

I only hope that the city will seek to recover fees and costs from any named plaintiffs of a prospective frivolous suit, like the one suggested by Mr. Jones. It is about time that he learn that Culver City is a diverse community with diverse opinions and perspectives, and it is not his place to dictate to the rest of us how we should live. He clearly neither has the wisdom, perspective, nor grace to do so.

Gary M. Zeiss

The Actors' Gang