Safe Sleep Site is Fully Occupied, Mobile Crisis Team Staffed

The update on the Homeless Emergency at the City Council meeting on Sept. 11, 2023 was focused on the progress being made, and held the hope of even more positive change in the immediate future. 

Housing Director Tevis Barnes reported to the council, “This week we will have full occupancy of our Safe Sleep Site program. We have 19 tents occupied, and we are holding one tent open in case our police or fire department encounters someone during off hours who needs emergency shelter, until we can get St. Joseph’s Center out to find a regular accomodation for them.” 

The Safe Sleep Site, which provides tents, beds, shower and laundry facilities for the unhoused opened in August of 2023, and is being overseen by the non-profit Urban Alchemy. There are currently 15 people on the waiting list. 

“In regards to Project Homekey… we are testing systems and training staff, before turning the property over the Exodus Recovery, our service agency. Furniture is being delivered [through next next week.]” 

In addition, Barnes offered that “All four members of the Mobile Crisis team began today. We have a mental health clinician, a mental health specialist, and two case manager/dispatchers. They are going through orientation, and once they get settled in, we will be introducing them to the council.”

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang