Goat Crews Clear Overgrowth at Bill Botts

With the wild rainy winter and the heat of summer, plant growth has been explosive at our city parks. The city has employed a crew of goats to come and take care of the excess greenery at Bill Botts Field.

Using goats from brush removal has become popular throughout California as the most efficient and environmentally sensible way keep large parcels of public property from becoming fires hazards. Keeping ‘ defensible space’ in public parks and near private homes is a crucial way to prevent wildfires from spreading. 

Goats are famous for their ability to eat anything, and the weeds on Culver City hillsides are probably their idea of a Michelin-star meal.  

The Culver City Fire Department noted on their social media  “The goats are viewable from the parking lot but please don’t disturb them while they are working.” 

For questions related to brush clearance, residents can reach out to the Community Risk Reduction department at (310) 253-5925. 

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo courtesy CCFD

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