Westside Urban Forum on SB 9 – Duplex Revolution

In 2021, the state legislature passed Senate Bill 9, which, according to the bill’s strongest advocates and detractors alike, outlawed single-family zoning throughout California. The reality is a bit more subtle and complex. SB 9 permits homeowners–in most, but not all communities–to subdivide or redevelop their homes into duplexes, and it allows them to split their lots, potentially generating four units. While housing advocates cheer the potential to add density to communities and reduce the primacy of single-family homes, SB 9 has, thus far, been seldom used. It presents major challenges to homeowners (especially compared to ADUs), and many cities have been slow to draft and adopt guidelines.

With over a half-million single-family lots, Los Angeles could add hundreds of thousands of units through SB 9. But, how many will it actually add? And at what cost and by what processes? Can “mom and pop” successfully become mini-developers, or will SB 9 conversions be left to speculators and developers? Please join WUF this month to discuss the promise and challenges of California’s (potential) duplex revolution.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Helms Design Center  8745 Washington Boulevard in Culver City. 

7;45 – 9:3o am 

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