School Board Approves Labor Agreements, LCAP and Budget at Final June Meeting

At the June 27 CCUSD Board of Education meeting, the Board approved the proposed budget, along with the Management Association Agreement, and the Local Control Accountability Plan. The absence of Board Member Stephanie Loredo from the meeting did not affect these agenda items from moving forward, and the district is now set to proceed into the next fiscal year. 

The Board unanimously approved the Association of Classified Employees (ACE) negotiated agreement. Key points in the agreement include an 8% salary / wage increase for all staff,  plus an increase in health and welfare benefits. An additional 8% bilingual stipend above base pay rate, and more than 30 positions were reclassified to a 3-step salary range.

Also unanimously approved was the Management Association of Culver City Schools agreement. Key points in that labor agreement include an 8% salary increase for all management staff, plus an increase in health and welfare benefits, as well as an additional 8% bilingual stipend above base pay rate, and a $3,000 Retirement supplemental reimbursement for any benefits.

The Board voted to approve the Local Control Accountability Plan with a vote of 3 to 1, with Board Member Ezidore dissenting. The Board instructed the superintendent to schedule an early 2024 board meeting to provide direction for the new LCAP 3 year strategic plan.

The Board also voted to approve the budget by a vote of 3 to 1, with Board Member Guerrero dissenting.

While the Education Code 41372 requires that 55% of the budget be spent in the classroom, it was noted that while the current budget as passed includes 54.97%, a difference of .03% or $30,081.63, of the budget in the classroom.

The district anticipates that on July 1, 2023, this percentage will close the gap when teachers and classified staff will receive a negotiated 8% salary increase. The Board instructed Superintendent Tran to present an updated internal budget once a new assistant superintendent of business services is hired and the salary increases have been included in the budget.


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