What Can Roses Tell Us About the Atomic Bomb? Wende Museum – July 2

The Wende invites guests to explore the intersections of the natural and the nuclear this Sunday, July 2 at 2 p.m., as we present Atomic Terrain: Reading & Conversations.

Atomic Terrain is an exploration of humanity’s nuclear history told through nature’s unyielding resilience. This program is a dialogue between two projects which reckon with the ways this history reverberates today:

B(L)OOM: Created by Lovely Umayam, this project explores atomic history through the eyes of nature using historical research, creative nonfiction, and a handmade artbook to paint a picture of life emerging from nuclear rubble.

How to Make a Bomb: Developed by Gabriella Hirst, this unique gardening project digs deep into the links between horticulture, state power, and nuclear colonialism, focusing on the symbolic “Atom Bomb” rose cultivated in the 1950s.

Join us at the Wende Museum this Sunday to reveal the lasting legacy of the atomic age which shapes the world around us.

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