Culver City’s Newest Artist Laureate – Katy Krantz

In January of this year, the City Council appointed Katy Krantz as Culver City’s Artist Laureate for a two-year term through December 2024. The appointment was recommended by the Cultural Affairs Commission and by an independent panel of distinguished professionals with expertise in arts and culture. Ms. Krantz is serving as a cultural ambassador, advocating for the arts across disciplines within the community, including artistic equity, cultural diversity, and access.

“Culver City recognizes the importance of the arts and the many creative artists who are continually enriching our community with their exhibitions, performances, presentations, and service,” said Culver City Mayor Albert Vera. “We are proud of the array of talented artists, who live and work in Culver City, and the many art forms and cultural experiences in our community. We encourage everyone to participate in making or sharing art.”

A Culver City resident for over eight years, Katy Krantz (she/her) is a visual artist focusing on ceramics as well as an arts educator. She has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Painting, as well as bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and American Studies. Her practice focuses on handmade ceramic tile that involves the direct participation of the communities in which the murals are located. She has completed installations under a public agency’s art program, at schools, and on private property. Visit Ms. Krantz’s website for more for more examples of her work.

As Artist Laureate, Ms. Krantz is leading a new socially engaged community project, allowing for hands-on art activities at various locations in Culver City.

The first workshops in the series will be held at the Senior Center in June 2023. More information will be available about this community project as well as other Artist Laureate activities on the City’s website and social media.

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