The Darkness: Goddess Revealed

The next production to take The Actors’ Gang stage is a special co-production in partnership with Black University and Okan Entertainment.

Written and performed by Nick Gillie, The Darkness: Goddess Revealed is told through the perspective of three vastly different characters: Glory Banks was a surgeon, Patrick Bartholomey was an outlaw, and Darrick Taylor was a Black Slave in the Mississippi cotton fields. As these characters enter the afterlife, their understanding of their own lives is utterly transformed in the presence of The Darkness, the infinite beauty of life and creation.

In this space they see themselves surrounded by The We, sacred beings who appear to the men as Black women and girls. The men believe The We–played by Liza Cruzat, Raquel Rosser, and Erin Washington–have gathered to hear their life stories. They have not. When the men experience their final moments, their relationship to these sacred beings is revealed as we witness their union with the collective Spirit.

Performances run May 26th to June 17th

The Actors' Gang