District Announces Tentative Agreement on School Calendar

In a statement from the Culver City Unified School District Superintendent Quoc Tran, released on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, CCUSD is announcing “a tentative agreement with our labor partners on the CCUSD work-year and school-year calendars for 2023-24 and 2024-25.”

For the 2023-24 calendar, the First Day of School will be Wednesday, August 23, 2023. For the 2024-25 calendar,  the First Day of School
Wednesday, August 21, 2024. The District notes that “the complete 2023-24 and 2024-25 calendars will be posted on ccusd.org as soon as possible.”

From the press release issued today, “Both the district and our labor partners value professional growth, especially when it allows us to better meet the needs of our most vulnerable students. The district had originally proposed adding paid, pupil-free staff training days to the employee work year but our labor partners responded that adding additional work days would be a burden on their members and offered suggestions for ways to reconfigure existing time during the school year to meet professional development needs.

Additionally, our labor partners offered constructive feedback on some of the district’s current professional development offerings and we have committed to working together to make sure all PD offered is valuable, readily applicable in employees’ classrooms and worksites, and contributes to student success. We also agreed to maintain the current vacation schedule for at least the next two years, with a one-week Fall Break connected to the Thanksgiving holiday, a two-week Winter Break, and a two-week Spring Break.

The district is equally pleased to announce that progress has been made in salary negotiations. Our next step is to review proposals/counter proposals to arrive at an outcome that reflects both the value of our employees and maintains the long-term fiscal stability of the district.

We appreciate the dedication of union and district negotiation team members and honor their commitment to support the needs of all CCUSD staff, students and families.”

There has, as of yet, no statement received from the Culver City Federation of Teachers or Associated and Classified Employees Unions in regard tot he calendar negotiations. 



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