CCPD Announce Community Meeting on Racial Profiling

The Culver City Police Department will host a community meeting on Thursday, April 27th, 2023, at 6:30 pm to discuss the Racial Identity Profiling Act. In 2015, California passed the Racial and Identity Profiling act (RIPA), mandating all state and local law enforcement agencies to collect and report detailed information about every person detained and/or searched by police. 

In compliance with Senate Bill 978, which mandates posting of current policies, the CCPD website offers that “In 2021, all sworn officers underwent a 4 hour Implicit Bias and Racial Profiling course made up of facilitated discussions and student-centered learning activities that allow attendees to safely understand their own biases with a scientific approach. Officers leave with the knowledge and skills to recognize their own implicit biases and how to mitigate them and prevent racially-based policing practices.”

The meeting will be held at City Hall, in the Mike Balkman Council Chambers, at 9770 Culver Blvd. Those who cannot attend in person can connect via WebEx. for info, go to


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