Culver City Needs You – Applications for Commission, Boards and Committees Now Open

The City Clerk’s Office is currently accepting applications to fill upcoming vacancies for Culver City Commissions, Boards, and Committees. Thirty-one openings are available on the following bodies (*Denotes the 20 positions with incumbents, ^ denotes specific Youth position):

Advisory Committee on Housing and Homelessness (2 Positions – Seat 5*, Seat 7)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (3 Positions – 1 Resident Disability Representative*, 1 Resident 1*, 1 Resident 2)
Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles County West Vector and Vector-
Borne Disease Control District (1 Position*)

Civil Service Commission (3 Positions – Seat 1*, Seat 4 *, and Seat 5*)
Cultural Affairs Commission (1 Position – Seat 4*)
Disability Advisory Committee (4 Positions – Seat 3*, Seat 7, Seat 8*, and Seat 9*)
Equity and Human Relations Advisory Committee (6 Positions – Seat 1*, Seat 3*, Seat 5*, Seat 7*, Youth Rep Seat 1^, and Labor Representative Seat 1)
Fiesta La Ballona Committee (3 Positions – Seat 2, Seat 4, and Seat 5)
Landlord-Tenant Mediation Board (3 Positions – Tenant Seat 4, Landlord Seat 4*, and Member-at-Large Seat 4*)
LAX Area Advisory Committee (3 Positions*)
Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Commission (1 Position – Seat 2)
Planning Commission (1 Position – Seat 1)

Applications will be accepted by the City Clerk’s Office through Monday, May 15, 2023 at 5:00 PM.

Applications will be accepted online, by mail, or electronically via email to  [email protected] .    


 June 5     Meet & Greet and CBC Interviews  

June 13    Appointments for these openings are to be considered at the Regular City Council Meeting  

June 29    Appointed Members must attend an Ethics/Brown Act (AB1234) Training 

While appointments are made annually – you may now complete an application at any time. We encourage all interested persons 16 years and older  to apply for all positions in which they have an interestPlease note that many positions require Culver City residency to be eligible. Please contact City Clerk’s Office at (310) 253-5851 for more information.

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