Cold Weather Safe Haven – City to Offer Temporary Shelter

An unprecedented, forecasted weather event is predicted over the next 72+ hours. The City of Culver City will employ a similar method utilized several years ago, during an El Nino event, to offer temporary housing at a local motel as a safe haven from the weather.

In an effort to protect our unhoused residents from harm as a result of the weather, City staff will implement the following Cold Weather Safe Haven program:

Information on the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) Winter Shelter Program is available. The St. Joseph Center (SJC) Outreach Team is getting the word out and informing our unhoused neighbors about the LAHSA Winter Shelter Program.

The City has secured a bank of motel rooms at a local motel with continental breakfast service for anyone wanting to come inside. The SJC Outreach Team is informing our unhoused neighbors about the availability of the motel rooms. The SJC Outreach Team will also provide transportation to the motel when necessary. After 10 PM, during the off hours when the SJC Outreach is not activated, the Culver City Police Department and the Culver City Fire Department are informed the motel rooms are available, if someone is found to be in distress and needs to come inside.

For those who accept a motel room, City staff will coordinate with SJC to provide gift cards for meals and to coordinate the hot meals that will be provided. Hygiene items and socks will also be offered.

Contact the Winter Shelter Hotline – 1 (800) 548-6047 OR Contact 2-1-1

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