County to Host Community Meeting on Oil Drilling Standards

After Culver City passed a law towards preventing new oil drilling and amortizing existing drill sites on the Inglewood Oil Field, legislated under the Baldwin Hills Community Standard District, our law became the model for Los Angeles County to prevent new drilling as well. 

As directed by the Board of Supervisors, LA County Planning is amending the BHCSD to prohibit new oil wells and allow existing oil wells to continue operating under a nonconforming status within the County portion of the IOF. The public is invited to participate in an Informational Q&A Session on the BHCSD Amendment effort during the regularly scheduled BHCSD Community Advisory Panel (CAP) meeting.

At almost 1,000 acres in surface land area, the IOF is the largest urban oil field in the nation. Approximately 80 acres of the IOF is located within the Culver City limits. While the remainder of the IOF is located within the unincorporated portion of LA County, and regulated locally by the BHCSD, a significant portion of the western boundary of Culver City, including the Blair Hills, Raintree and Culver Crest neighborhoods, abuts the IOF.

The Ad Hoc Oil Drilling Subcommittee ( Mayor Albert Vera and Vice Mayor Yasmine-Imani McMorrin) is sharing this invitation for a virtual meeting, to be hosted by the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning, to discuss an Amendment to Los Angeles County’s Baldwin Hills Community Standards District, affecting regulation of the Inglewood Oil Field, on January 26, 2023, at 6 PM.

 January 26, 2023 at 6 PM
 Online Zoom Meeting

Phone: (669) 900-6833 | Meeting ID: 864 4216 2546

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